Floor Lamps

Floor lamp Grace

Power , W
Protection level
About series Grace
Metal frame, white and gold finish. Pleated white organza lampshades. Crystal pendants.

Other models in the series

Article: RC247-PL-08-R
Chandelier Grace E14x8
Article: RC247-PL-06-R
Chandelier Grace E14x6
Article: RC247-PL-10-R
Chandelier Grace E14x10
Article: RC247-FL-01-R
Floor lamp Grace E14x1 40W
Article: RC247-TL-01-R
Table lamp Grace E14x1 40W
Article: RC247-WL-01-R
Wall lamp Grace E14x1 60W
Article: RC247-WL-02-R
Wall lamp Grace E14x2 60W

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