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The light challenged

We are new to this, so we see it clear – it all starts with the light. With every ray, every flick, every lens and every reflection we create a comfortable today. A visual surrounding that worth binging the best moments, objects, and colors in later. So, that is where we begin. That is where we take the challenge from light to create a better life.

Right here. Right now. Right illuminated.

There is nothing more important than what is happening right here and now. It is only important to see it in the right light. We are nuts on it. We create moments of the present that shine brighter than the stars. We compete with light to make our "today" even brighter.

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Maytoni lamps
are shining all over the
world right now

Design driven

We have a lot to be proud of: we work with world-famous lamps every day. Maytoni design has received a full range of international interior and industrial design awards. Each is worth its weight in gold.

A’Design Award
Good Design Awards
LIT Lighting Design Awards
EPDA Product Design Awards
ICONIC AWARDS_ Innovative Interior
German Design Award
ADD awards
Arhiproduct longlist
Muse Design Awards
Reddot awards
London international creative competition
IDA International Design Awards
SIT Furniture Design Awards
DNA Paris Design Awards
Accurate to the beam

We look at what is not visible to the eye. We check things which are deemed trustworthy. We control every stage of production as the most important. There are no minor details for us.


2009 is a good year for Maytoni, as it was established on February 1st in Hamburg, Germany. But a bad year for 100-watt incandescent bulbs, they were banned from being sold in the European Union.
Triumphant launch of the collection of classic Diamant Crystal, and only at a distance of 325.1 thousand km from the center of the Earth a 400-meter asteroid 2005 YU55 flew by.
Creation of the classic collections Elegant and Royal Classic, while the End of Days according to the Mayan calendar still did not take place.
Creation of its own Maytoni design office in Berlin and the International Year of Quinoa according to the UN.
Brand No. 1 in Eastern Europe and the CIS. Over 200 brand zones. While Germany became the World Football Champion for the 4th time.
Entry into other markets of Western Europe and the Middle East. Exhibitions: Light&Bulding, Frankfurt am Main. All this coincided with the UN International Year of Light. (The International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies)
Maytoni rebranding. An updated concept: from classic luminaires to a range that fully covers all lighting needs in projects. Model range more than 1500 SKU. Division of the range into Classic and Modern light. Start of development of decorative-architectural and spot light. Exhibitions: International Lighting Fair, Hong Kong. Also a plant bloomed on the ISS for the first time, it was an ornamental zinnia.
Exhibitions: Isaloni, Milan. And Bitcoin grew 20 times and approached the value of 20 thousand dollars.
The updated Maytoni website was awarded the Behance - Adobe global digital community award. Exhibitions: Light&Bulding, Frankfurt am Main // Mosbuild, Moscow. And biologists have determined that bowhead whales regularly update their song repertoire.
Launch of Maytoni Technical - modern functional lighting. Exhibitions: Maison&Objet, Paris // Warsaw Home, Poland // Interlight, Mosbuild, Moscow // KIFF, INTERIOR MEBEL, Kyiv // At the same time, James Bond began to use an electric car.
Maytoni Technical became an independent brand with 1000 SKUs, several lighting systems including track and magnetic, as well as a vast palette of 16 color solutions in separate series. People from all over the world got free access to the exposition of the Louvre, the Metropolitan Opera and the Uffizi Gallery.
Getting prestigious international design awards such as Red Dot Awards, A'design Awards, LIT Lighting Design Awards and more. Our lamp with the idea of supersymmetry has received a lot of awards. In addition, a new particle has been discovered - the double- charm tetraquark Tcc+.
we reinvented collection of Architectural light.
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