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About series Cabaret
The Cabaret collection of luminaires is the result of the collaboration between the Pierre Gonalons design studio and the German Maytoni luminaires brand. It embodies the atmosphere of a modern cabaret: an artistic space of light genres filled with refined details. The smooth lines of the metal base of the luminaire are inspired by graceful dance sense of rhythm and the perfect proportions of high stage fashion. The silhouette of the transparent glass lampshade is inspired by the image of graceful nudity and the flying dynamics of weightless textiles. The centrepiece of the series, the table lamp, determines the chamber atmosphere of a cosily illuminated table, filled with the anticipation of a breathtaking show. The Cabaret luminaires are the charm of the refined atmosphere of a chamber theatre performance with a story for a sophisticated audience. The pendant, wall, table and floor lamps of this series allow you to create your own light, ironic and spectacular interior show in a virtuoso performance. The combination of fine craftsmanship with classic materials and modern lighting technology will add an easy attitude to life to even the most austere spaces.
Concept: bohemian aesthetics of a cabaret
The elegance of the luminaire silhouette with its smooth lines is successfully combined with modern LED technology.
Satined finish of the fittings
The galvanised metal base in brass colour with satined finish offers both a status appearance and durability in use.
Unique design of the lampshade
Unique shape of the glass transparent lampshade с направленным вниз LED-источником света создают мягкий световой ореол вокруг светильника.
Increased area of the illuminated surface of the floor lamp and table lamp
The special curved shape of the base tube allows bringing the lampshade forward, thus increasing the area of illumination of the surface below.

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