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Wall lamp Rotta

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About series Rotta
Reinforcement material - aluminum, shades - black, gold. Hidden mount. Balanced black and white pattern. Rotary mechanism for adjusting the light flux. Minimalistic design. Ability to create light compositions. LED source with a color temperature of 3000K.
Bright beam turn
A minimalist design of the models is complemented by a rotating mechanism for light flux adjustment.
Perfect compositions
The models are ideal for creating light compositions. Try placing several lamps side by side at different angles to achieve the desired effect.
Spectacular color solutions
Models of this series are available in two colors: gold and black. Each of them is made in two sizes (905 mm and 635 mm).

Other models in the series

Wall lamp Rotta 3000K 8W
Wall lamp Rotta 3000K 6W
Wall lamp Rotta 3000K 8W
Wall lamp Rotta 3000K 6W

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