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Wall lamp Mare

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About series Mare
The sea surface is endless and each of its patterns is unique. Inspired by a nature image, the designers created the Mare series: the relief surface of the light recalls the grandeur and allure of the sea. An original texture creates one more effect: the lamp seems to be captured in endless movement. Wall lamps are made of metal and glass in two trendy shades: chrome and gold. The light source is hidden under a decorative reflector with an external mirror coating. The light flux gently envelops the glass element and preserves the reflections of surrounding objects on its surface. An unusual visual effect turns the wall lamp into a genuine piece of art worthy of the most luxurious and sophisticated modern interiors. Surface-mounted models are equipped with the G9 base.

Other models in the series

Wall lamp Mare G9x1 40W
Wall lamp Mare G9x1 40W

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