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Wall lamp Light stick

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About series Light stick
Fittings material - aluminium, color - black, brass. Exquisite metal “strings” with the same color as fittings with a built-in light module are covered with a white acrylic diffuser. This series is designed for accent and supplementary lighting. Adjustable length of suspended modules. LED light source. Color temperature - 3000K.

Other models in the series

Article: MOD237WL-L11B3K
Wall lamp Light stick 3000K 10W
Article: MOD237WL-L11BS3K
Wall lamp Light stick 3000K 10W
Article: MOD237WL-L6BS3K
Wall lamp Light stick 3000K 7W
Article: MOD237WL-L6B3K
Wall lamp Light stick 3000K 7W

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