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Wall lamp Golden Cage

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About series Golden Cage
This lamp collection is made of flexible cord framed with decorative wire elements.
This technique, a combination of flexible cord and wire, is used in the lamp design for the first time.
The collection harmoniously unites modern LED technologies and handicraft.
For two models, two mounting types are available: surface mounting (the same as for conventional chandeliers) or ceiling-hidden mounting. The user will find additional components for each mounting type in the box.

Other models in the series

Article: MOD216PL-L55G3K
Pendant lamp Golden Cage 3000K 107W
Article: MOD216PL-L42G3K
Pendant lamp Golden Cage 3000K 117W
Article: MOD216PL-L10G3K
Pendant lamp Golden Cage 3000K 17W
Article: MOD216WL-L10G3K
Wall lamp Golden Cage 3000K 17W
Article: MOD216FL-L38G3K
Floor lamp Golden Cage 3000K 48W

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