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Wall lamp Memory

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About series Memory
The Memory collection is a time imprint captured in the form of lamps. The lamps resemble a styled hourglass that transports you back in time, evoking nostalgia for the warm moments of the past days.

Each element of the collection is made using traditional technologies. White translucent glass, complemented by ceramic material with a glossy glaze, creates a sophisticated look.

The table lamp series is available in black, gold and white colors.
Light time
The Memory lamp shape is inspired by the hourglass silhouette that immerses us in nostalgia for the past. Ceramics with a glossy glaze, a combination of various glass colors from translucent white, crystal clear to mirror gold - classic materials with a long history, revealing the idea of this series to the full extent.
Inner radiance
The combination of an internal light made of white semitransparent glass and an outer light made of transparent glass provides a soft and bright glow, creating a relaxed and balanced feeling from the light composition thanks to graceful glare. The design provides easy access to the main light source and prevents contamination of the matte light from the inside. Replaceable bulbs provide for individual selection of the power and color temperature.
Perfect combination
A wide series allows you to combine lamps with each other using a common shape and color scheme: glossy black, glossy gold and white. When assembling, it is possible to use a variety of mounting options for lights to create both symmetrical and asymmetrical compositions). All single pendant lights are made with wires and ceiling bowls in black for better compatibility.
Natural features
Natural marble is used at the floor lamp base. Its rounded shape ensures perfect balance and stability of the floor lamp. A natural pattern on the marble element is unique for each lamp.
In the direct contact area
The wall lamp switch is located directly in its body base. This provides maximum comfort and ergonomic use in work and rest areas

Other models in the series

Pendant lamp Memory E14x1 40W
Table lamp Memory E14x1 40W
Article: MOD177PL-04B
Pendant lamp Memory E14x4 40W
Article: MOD177WL-01B
Wall lamp Memory E14x1 40W
Pendant lamp Memory E14x1 40W
Table lamp Memory E14x1 40W
Pendant lamp Memory E14x1 40W
Article: MOD177FL-01B
Floor lamp Memory E14x1 40W

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