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Wall lamp Mood

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About series Mood
A shining light sphere floating in the room space enlivens everything touched with its rays.
The Mood series captivates with its elegant proportions and sophistication created by the combination of the structure and glass light. The “airy” effect is achieved due to the structure made of metal arcs and cables with adjustable length.
Wall lamps have a special wall mounting with a laconic design.
By combining several lamps of this collection, you can create unique compositions giving additional accents in the room.

Other models in the series

Pendant lamp Mood G4x6 20W
Pendant lamp Mood G4x1 20W
Wall lamp Mood G4x1 20W
Pendant lamp Mood G4x6 20W
Wall lamp Mood G4x1 20W
Pendant lamp Mood G4x1 20W

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