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Pendant lamp Krone

Color temperature , K
Power , W
Protection level
About series Krone
Metal fittings of gold color. Asymmetrical crystal decoration. Trendy circle shape. LED light source with temperature of 4000К. High color rendering index is 90Ra.

Other models in the series

Article: P097PL-L36BS3K
Pendant lamp Krone 3000K 36W
Article: P097PL-L90G4K
Pendant lamp Krone 4000K 90W
Article: P097PL-L28BS3K
Pendant lamp Krone 3000K 27W
Article: P097PL-L48BS3K
Pendant lamp Krone 3000K 48W
Article: P097PL-L36G4K
Pendant lamp Krone 4000K 36W
Article: P097PL-L45G4K
Pendant lamp Krone 4000K 45W

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