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Pendant lamp Supersymmetry

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About series Supersymmetry
A series of smart lamps is the result of a close integration of science and design. It was inspired by the supersymmetry, as one of the concepts of quantum physics.
The model appearance is transformed similar to the particles uniting into superpartners.
The lamp turns into a horizontal source of directional light from a vertical source of ambient diffused lighting. To do this, you only need to connect or separate its symmetrical parts.
The unique design with magnetic elements and a special cable fastening system ensures a stable level of height and illumination.
A tactile contact in interacting with a high-tech design gives a deep emotional response.
The series features models in white and black with an option of the Maytoni Smart app control and a dimmable driver. Designed for interior illumination in techno, minimalist, scandi, constructivism, and hi-tech styles.

Other models in the series

Pendant lamp Supersymmetry 4000K 17W
Article: P096PL-L11BK1
Pendant lamp Supersymmetry 4000K 18W
Article: P096PL-L11WK1
Pendant lamp Supersymmetry 4000K 21W
Pendant lamp Supersymmetry 4000K 17W

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