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Pendant lamp CANE

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About series CANE
Aluminum body, shade - graphite. Light element — tinted glass. Light source — lamp with an E27 base. Versatile series for both modern and classic exteriors. IP54 protection.
Wild nature motifs
The Cane series is distinguished by voluminous wicker lampshades, their design based on the image of dense reed thicket.
Adjustable length of the wire
The functional length adjstable 3 metre wire allows using the Cane series in rooms with a high ceiling.
Floating light element
The floating illusion is achieved owing to the white matte ball-shaped diffuser.

Other models in the series

Pendant lamp CANE G9x1 28W
Pendant lamp CANE G9x1 28W
Pendant lamp CANE G9x1 28W
Pendant lamp CANE G9x1 28W

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