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Pendant lamp Nebula

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About series Nebula
“Nebula” is translated from Latin as fog, haze, cloud. These associations were the basis of design solutions of a pendant lamp series made with two diameters (200 and 250 mm) and three shades: smoky black, misty white.
A combination of lamps of different diameters and colors reminds of the endless spaces of the Andromeda Nebula - a spiral galaxy in the Andromeda constellation containing several times more stars than the Milky Way.
The light in the shape of a blown glass sphere smoothly develops into the fittings - a fixture with a wire. This creates the effect of floating in the air.
Gradient coloring of lights enhances this effect: from a thick shade of glass fittings, the color smoothly changes to almost transparent at the bottom of the light. A built-in LED light source (400 and 700 lm) depending on the diameter.
Color temperature: 3000K. Color of fittings: black, white. The wire of pendant lamps is 3 m long, adjustable, suitable for use in rooms with high ceilings.

Other models in the series

Article: MOD182PL-L6B3K
Pendant lamp Nebula 3000K 6W
Article: MOD182PL-L4W3K
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Article: MOD182PL-L4B3K
Pendant lamp Nebula 3000K 4W
Article: MOD182PL-L6W3K
Pendant lamp Nebula 3000K 6W

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