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Pendant lamp Reflex

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About series Reflex
"Following in the footsteps of the Renaissance artists, who solved the mystery of reflected light and versatility of textures, our designers create a series with a unique appearance and light pattern.
A spherical lampshade cuts through the translucent fabric disk in half, like the sun rising above the water.
A light-reflecting fabric has a marked texture. Metal elements (fittings
and the lampshade) are painted white.
Matte diffusers hide two LED light sources. This provides a soft diffused lighting.
This model is versatile and viable: a vertically located fabric element does not collect dust and can be removed for cleaning, when necessary. The wire length is adjustable enabling to adapt the lamp to any ceiling height.
The series features suspensions for 1 and 3 lamps. A visually light silhouette is designed for modern spaces in fusion, minimalist, scandi, and high-tech styles.”

Other models in the series

Article: MOD154PL-L6W3K
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Article: MOD154PL-L6W3K1
Pendant lamp Reflex 3000K 39W

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