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Pendant lamp Enigma

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About series Enigma
"An upmarket series with a trendy design and advanced adjustment options to create individual lighting scenarios.
At the heart of the design is a metal cylinder
with a LED source inside.
A contrast line cuts through the rounded silhouette, visually dividing it into two parts.
A unique adjustment system located in the upper part provides for vertical changing of the light direction. You can also adjust the horizontal direction using a cable and wire.
The lamp height is also adjustable.
This series is presented in two color solutions: black with shagreen combined with matte gold or white.
Modern design is ideal for directional
lighting in minimalist, scandi, techno, and loft interiors.”
The art of precise lines
Metal fittings of this series are created with impeccable technology precision. Each element of its shape is a piece of engineering art created with an artistic approach.
Perfection in every detail
Exquisite color solutions (black with gold or black with white) emphasize the structure and shape of the lamps. A contrast line dividing the rounded silhouette into two parts creates spectacular harmony.
Accurate to a beam
The adjustment system provides for changing the light flux direction both vertically and horizontally. Cables and wires provide complete control over the beam direction, creating the perfect lighting for your interior.
Transformation by light
This series is perfect for directional lighting in minimalist interiors being their bright accent. The models not only illuminate the space, they transform it.
A mystery revealed by light
The name of the Enigma series is inspired by cryptography, the science of encrypting and isolating important details to give them a new, individual meaning.

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Pendant lamp Enigma 3000K 5W
Pendant lamp Enigma 3000K 5W

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