Pendant Lamps

Pendant lamp Rim

Color temperature , K
Power , W
Protection level
About series Rim
The model is shaped as a metal ring. The series is represented by luminaires of various sizes in 3 colours: white, black and brass. LED light sources

Other models in the series

Pendant lamp Rim 4000K 115W
Ceiling lamp Rim 3000K 37W
Article: MOD058PL-L42B3K
Pendant lamp Rim 3000K 51W
Ceiling lamp Rim 3000K 25W
Article: MOD058PL-L55B3K
Pendant lamp Rim 3000K 61W
Ceiling lamp Rim 4000K 37W
Article: MOD058PL-L100B3K
Pendant lamp Rim 3000K 115W
Pendant lamp Rim 4000K 88W

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Article: MOD216PL-L55G3K
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Article: MOD210PL-L39BS3K
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Article: MOD216PL-L42G3K
Pendant lamp Golden Cage 3000K 117W
Article: MOD555PL-L35G3K
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