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"We believe that high-quality lighting and stunning design
objects around
make a great contribution to the general quality of life.
We desire to create the highlight of everyday for everybody."
CEO Maytoni
Christian Licari

Health & well-being

We encourage everyone who shares our mindset to create an illuminated lifestile within every part of experience. We thrive for the best future for the next generations. Light pollution decrease, the tutorial we are launching is designed to get know our principles. Delicate light after sunset and the ratio of artical and daylight in the health balance.

5 Year Warranty

We always maintain high standards in everything, in production, in the right components. We meticulously delve into every detail of our product. We take the life of the product seriously and increase the warranty to 5 years.
In 2021, Maytoni opened its own lighting lab to develop quality control for luminaires.


Invisible to the eye, strong light pulsations impact well-being and induce fatigue.
Maytoni's high-quality drivers ensure less than 5% ripple factor.
Creating comfort requires high-quality power supplies to diminish light ripple and counter the blinding effect.


The blinding effect is assessed via UGR (Unified Glare Rating), where lower values indicate greater comfort. UGR < 19 suffices for most rooms.
Maytoni fixtures are meticulously designed to diminish glare and visual discomfort. Solutions like concealed light sources, acrylic diffusers, anti-glare accessories, wide beam angles, and recessed light sources reduce glare and UGR.

Ethical sustainability

Equally, fairness and partnership with all people we interact with are in incremental part of our foundation and complement our strong values.
We promote diversity, combining different cultures, genders, backgrounds, experiences and ways of thinking. All these values and principles of action are of great importance and make up a unique team constellation.

Carbon footprint

We encourage everyone who shares our mindset to create an illuminated lifestyle within every part of experience.

Our circular vision:

  • Design is eco and timeless,
  • Production with zero landfill,
  • Last mile CO2 neutral,
  • In Use safe and modern and
  • End of Life totally recycled.
Out effort to decrease CO2 based on 3R

LED last longer & Low Energy Costs

Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
LEDs are small, solid light bulbs that are lit by the movement of electrons in a solid semi-conductor material as electricity is passed through it. LEDs are extremely energy efficient, lasting over 100 times longer than incandescent bulbs, and up to 10 times longer than CFLs. They have low heat generation, low power requirements, and are highly durable because there is no filament or tube to break. Also their power inputs are minimal. LEDs are readily combined with solar panels to provide reliable, energy efficient lighting day and night.
Small fact:
Total LED replacement of conventional lighting already would save 53% of CO2 worldwide 50% of Maytoni's assortment is a LED lightings

Zero air delivery & Low carbon trucks delivery

We totally refused from aircraft logistics. All our goods are delivered by sea or by land. We use low carbon trucks.
Frustration free packaging allows effectively spend fuel and avoid extra carton.
Also our packaging is made of recycled cardboard boxes printed just in one color.

We give second life to lighting

We repair our lighting fixtures when they break down and use standardized components for lean replacement and thus give them a second chance for a new life


Constant innovations is a part of our DNA and a key success factor program of sustainability program.
We invent timeless design, adding doze of quality and a pinch of courage. Therefore, there is no need to update light in the renovated apartments. We create light for the bright future through generations.

Maytoni R&D creates light from the drawing to award.
International awards are conforming our passion to timeless design and our desire to innovations.
A’Design Award
Good Design Awards
LIT Lighting Design Awards
EPDA Product Design Awards
ICONIC AWARDS_ Innovative Interior
German Design Award
ADD awards
Arhiproduct longlist
Muse Design Awards
Reddot awards
London international creative competition
IDA International Design Awards
SIT Furniture Design Awards
DNA Paris Design Awards
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