Track TRX001-111B

Extruded aluminum tracklight. White or black powder coating. Adjustable 355°.
Lamp type: Track Lighting Accessory
Frame colour: Black
IP: IP20
Min Height, mm: 20
Max Height, mm: 20
Width, mm: 33
Base material: Aluminum
2in1: No
Length, mm: 1000
Bulbs incl.: No
Barcode: 4251110073330
Package volume, m³: 0.0006
Net weight, kg: 0.4
Place type: Dressing Room
EE Label
PDF Handbook
3D Model
Maytoni lighting is the choice of famous designers and architects for popular Russian TV shows about interior decoration such as “Housing Question”, “Dacha Reply”, “Repair School”, “Ideal Repair”, “About Décor”, etc. and for photographing for glossy magazines.

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