Ceiling Lamp Planet

Ceiling lamp. Aluminium frame. Two light sources: main light and backlight. Work in three modes of lighting.
Lamp type: Ceiling Lamp
Frame colour: White
IP: IP20
Luminous Flux, Lm: 500
Color Temperature, K: 3000
Scattering Angle, Degree: 120
Min Height, mm: 92
Max Height, mm: 92
Base material: Aluminum
2in1: No
LED: Yes
Diameter, mm: 100
Bulbs incl.: No
Barcode: 4251110020631
Color Rendering Index, RA: 80
Package volume, m³: 0.001213
Net weight, kg: 0.34
Place type: Ballroom
Warranty: 3
EE Label
PDF Handbook
3D Model
LongLEDing Guarantee
Guarantee that ensures minimisation of LED tape wear and prolongation of the service life at least for three years. Owning to this, we provide a three-year guarantee for LED-lamps.
Ultra LED Chip
High-quality LED chips from leading manufacturers are used for production of the lamps. Each chip has a high colour rendering index (CRI> 80) and optimal energy efficiency (> 80 lm/W).

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