Maytoni Multifunctional Lighting Fixtures

Every day modern technology has more and more functionality. Owning to the engineering progress, lighting equipment has not been left aside either. Multifunctional lamps have more capabilities in addition to their direct purpose to illuminate the premises.

Maytoni offers several options of such lighting fixtures at once; one of them is included in the Music 60 Series from the Ceiling & Wall collection (art. MOD358). The Series features two ceiling-mounted music LED lamps. The frame of each of them is made of metal, lampshades are made of plastic. 

The products of the Series are equipped with advanced 6W 2-way speakers. The lamps can play any piece of music; just download it with Bluetooth (InLux applications on iOS or Android).

Also, the lamps of the Music 60 Series change colour and intensity of light depending on the music: from warm white to cold blue. Musical lamps can become a fashionable gadget of your living room and make you feel like a DJ.

The Rack wall lamps from the Table & Floor collection are made in the minimalist style in white or black. Each of the lamps of the Series is made in the form of a small bookshelf and is equipped with a USB port for charging any gadget. The Rack is a stylish design element for living rooms, offices and libraries.

Experts in the field of design believe that the future belongs to multifunctional lamps.

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