Main Trends in Lighting Design 2018

The last tradeshow Light+Building 2018 in Frankfurt is a landmark event in the design world. It is at this exhibition that new trends and fashion drives are formed.


First of all, experts recommend that attention should be drawn to the colour array of the lighting fixtures. This year several colours will be booming in popularity at once.

Pantone Colour Institute has named Ultra Violet as its colour of the year for 2018. This complex and mysterious colour will add a bright accent and put a twist on the interior. Besides, Pantone highlights gentle pink (Millennial Pink and its shades) and bright yellow (Minion Yellow). According to the designers and editors of interior magazines, emerald green, black forest and black flame (black indigo) colours will be in demand as well. And chaste classical colours (white, black, red and grey) are not out of fashion and still all the rage for not the first season.


The texture of the lamps deserves by no means less attention. In the fast-paced and rapid 21st century a person needs closeness to and a sense of unity with nature, therefore the "return to nature" has become one of the trends for 2018.

“Inartificial”, “natural” materials are stone, wood, metal and their imitations. These materials can be used both in the lamp frames and lampshades. The most in-demand models will be lighting fixtures, design of which combines natural materials and stucco moulding with floral elements, (e.g., Burgeon, Lantern or Maryland Series).
Natural motifs should be followed also in textiles, so experts recommend chandeliers, pendants and table lamps with lampshades of linen and cotton. Maytoni range of products presents this trend in many series, for example, in Lincoln, Laredo, Gaudi, etc.


This year the geometric forms are sought after again, which find a response not only in the shape of lamps but also in patterns on lampshades. This trend is particularly relevant for wall lamps (Lulea, Nola, Bergamo Series, etc.) and street lamps (Bowery, Bronx). 

Perhaps, the most popular shape of lamps, which has been implemented by designers of many brands, is a globe (Erich, Dallas). It is the glass globes that architects of almost all famous interior brands used for decoration of chandeliers and pendants.

Whatever trends and drives have been popular this year, the most important thing is to choose exactly those lamps that are to the taste of the interior owner. Those lamps that will enrich and complement the interior.

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