All products of the brand comply with the European quality standard due to the multi-stage system of our own production control.

The Maytoni brand is intensively developing and being one of the first to use advanced technologies.

Since January 2018, to decorate Maytoni lighting fixtures, crystals of a new generation with a reduced content of lead oxide, the concentration of which does not exceed 0.009%, are used.

This technology is called nG-Crystals (from the German "neue Generation" - the new generation).
Maytoni crystals are not natural crystal glass. However, owing to the nG-Crystals technology, which is based on adding 56 additional components to the crystal structure, we retained all its properties such as tricks of light, beautiful appearance, and ideal faceting and grinding.

Maytoni crystals meet the European requirements for safety and environmental friendliness. The nG-Crystal technology is developed exclusively for Maytoni, so the brand reserves the right not to disclose the composition of the crystals.

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